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The Basics of Small Business Phone Systems


A few years ago, most small business phone systems were quite basic. The systems offered a dialed tone, keypad or rotary dial, and buttons for putting callers on hold or switching between lines.


However, the Grandstream Dubai systems available in the market today are quite advanced. The phone systems can connect to your company network or the internet and automatically transfer call to the right person or department. Your employees can also receive business calls from wherever they are. Therefore, if you have employees that work remotely, your business operations will still continue smoothly.


Choosing the right Avaya Distributor in Dubai for your small business can help you to effectively compete with the larger organizations. The features available in today's small business systems can be enhanced for the benefit of your business. Here are some ways of using unified communications, conferencing and voice capabilities of the phones:


Free Your Employees

Today, small business phones do not have to be attached on desks, and neither are your employees. Your workforce may be moving around, all in a bid to close sales. They may be working out of hotel rooms, at home, at the airport or outside taking sales calls. Wherever your employees may be, they need to stay in touch. To know more about telephone system, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PBX.


With today's advanced phone systems, employees can consolidated all incoming calls to home office, mobile and other phones with a single phone number. This enables them to receive calls wherever they may be.


Improve Customer Relationships

Having a customer contact center technology for your small business phone enables customers to reach you through multiple ways, including click-to-chat, email, fax and phone. This way, your employees can provide support in a more efficient and targeted manner.


Improve Collaboration

Voice is just one of the capabilities of small business phones when they are combined with computers and data networks. Today's IP phone systems combine video, unified communications, Web conferencing, and voice into valuable collaboration tools. These enhancements allow employees to communicate over long distances into more meaningful ways, enabling them to make decisions quickly.


Save the Environment

Small business phones with Web conferencing and voice reduce travel costs and improve productivity. This enables your company to "go green", which can be can deal maker for some customers. With less travel, you will save money. Installation and management of the phone system is also simplified when voice and data are connected.


The above are some benefits of using advanced small business phone systems.